WORKS F2 Owners Manual

You have just purchased the WORKS or F2 Series Goggle. Our owner's manual is designed to help you enjoy your goggle and get maximum use out of your new Viral Brand Goggles.

When you open the goggle you will find inside the box the following.

In the box:
WORKS/F2 Goggle
Goggle Bag
Nose Guard Hole Plugs

Now that you have your goggle open and ready to use, here are the features that you need to know.


Quick Change Lens 

Quick Change 50mm Strap with Non-Slip Silicone

Removable Nose Guard 

Quick Change Lens

Removing and replacing the Lens
See Video Above

Use the goggle bag to wipe any fingerprints or smudges off the lens once done.


Quick Change Lens
Our Lens is designed to give you the best optics in gnarly conditions. Our Lens creates a 120mm wide field of view to be able to see the track better, the highest level of clarity without distortion, and industry-leading, NO FOG technology.

To clean your lens remove it from the goggle frame, hand wash it with mild soap and allow it to dry, use your goggle bag or use a very soft microfiber cloth to polish any watermarks that are left. DO NOT USE SOLVENTS, CONTACT CLEANER, GLASS CLEANER, HARSH DETERGENTS ON THE LENS. THIS MAY CAUSE DAMAGE TO THE LENS.

No Fog:
To make sure your goggle perform to the maximum performance make sure you have a clean and new lens. No Fog technology does wear out over time and can lead to fogging issues in the future. Do not use harsh chemicals or harsh detergents on the lens in any way as it can damage the lens and remove the No Fog Technology.

Quick Change 50mm Strap

Removing and Replacing Strap
To remove the strap turn goggle so you are looking at the back of the outrigger on either side. You will see a slot on the back of the outrigger to allow the goggle strap to slip through. Use a dull object to slide the plastic end of the strap so you can pull it towards the center of the goggle, once you have moved to the softer part of the strap squeeze the strap carefully between the slot on the outrigger and remove the strap and repeat on the other side as well.

When replacing the strap slide the top or bottom of the strap into the slot of the back of the outrigger, once the top and bottom of the strap are inside the outrigger pull the strap tight to make sure the plastic end is secure in the outrigger and you are done.

To clean the strap remove it from the goggle body and hand wash with mild soap (Dawn Soap) let the strap dry overnight and reattach. We do not recommend machine washing and machine drying for the goggle straps this may result in loss of silicone and damage to the strap.

Removing Nose Guard
To remove the nose guard start by removing lens, then apply pressure on nose guard down and away from the frame. Once nose guard is removed you must use our nose guard replacement piece to plug the holes from nose guard. Warning if you do not use our replacement piece to plug the holes you will have dirt get into your goggle.

To clean the body of the goggle first remove lens, face foam, and strap. Once the goggle is stripped down hand wash them with mild soap ( Dawn ) and allow them to air dry. Do not force anything through the foam or use scrubbing tools that could rip or damage the vent foam. Do not use contact cleaner, solvents, harsh detergents, or machine wash/dry the goggle frame. This includes dishwashers. This can damage the goggle's body and reduce its life.