Sponsorship Contract ELITE

Sponsorship Agreement: Print - Sign - Take Photo or Scan and email back to sales@theviralbrand.com

The following terms and conditions are agreed upon between Viral Brand LLC/ Sponsoring Dealer and the Sponsored Team / Rider. Viral Band LLC will supply the agreed number of Goggles, Apparel, Sunglasses, and Accessories at your discounted rate for use by a Rider/ Race team in return for promotion of our products in the following ways.

•  “Viral Brand” Stickers to be prominently displayed on the race and practice bikes at all times during the sponsorship term. Stickers can be purchased from our website or from your sponsoring dealer.
•   Viral Brand Logo (as seen above) to be displayed on all transporters, and team correspondence. (A digital copy of the stickers can be downloaded at no cost on our site theviralbrand.com/authorized-2021-logos/)
•   Viral Brand LLC will be favorably mentioned in all team/rider correspondence and acceptance speeches where applicable.
•   Viral Brand LLC will be kept up to date with the performance of the Team/Rider in their chosen race series.
•   Viral Brand LLC will be given direct feedback on the performance gains or any issues experienced by the Sponsored Team/Rider due to the use of the Viral Brand Goggle, Tear Offs, Roll Offs while competing or riding.

The sponsored team/rider may be called upon to assist in testing the Viral Brand Goggles, new models or accessories, and any new features which from time to time Viral Brand LLC may introduce to the product line.

Social Media is a key to going VIRAL and it is your duty to post and promote through your social pages. Please use the following tags: #visionandperformance #goviral #goneviral #viralbrand #yourdealer #getyourstoday

On all your social posts you will need to list Viral Brand as your sponsor and then indicate that they are available at your dealer. See example below.

Remember to show your dealership love and they will love you back!

Term of this Contract: Oct 1 2021 - Sept 30 2022
Sponsorship Level:50%

This Contact is between Viral Brand LLC & _______________________

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By printing and scanning this doc, I agree to follow the Viral Brand contract & rules: I AGREE