About Viral Brand


You are passionate about TWO WHEELS. We are passionate about TWO WHEELS. When that passion meets, it goes Viral.

Viral Brand launched in 2015 with a mission to provide desirable eye protection to passionate Two Wheeled enthusiasts.

Company founder and CEO, Scot Steffy, has spent his life devoted to the motorsports industry. He has first-hand racing experience, placing 11th in the West Coast Supercross Series; raised a son that raced in the West Coast Supercross Series; worked in various industry channels; currently, works with premier riders in the U.S.

Scot’s knowledge, appreciation, and all-out passion for two wheels led him to create Viral Brand. All gear is important, but Goggles are both important and defining.

“Goggles became a key part of my racing from the very start. I was leading my moto. The track was very muddy and I ran out of tear offs. I didn’t want to slow down so I removed my goggles to clear my vision. My dad saw what I did and flagged me off the track and sent me to the pits. I lost the race. I was so mad, until he said, ‘You can always race another moto but you can never get another eye.’ My passion for goggles started then and has been with me ever since.”

This experience, mixed with an enduring industry passion, inspired Scot to create goggle products that racers/riders wouldn’t want to take off.

Viral Brand provides premium goggles and goggle kits at competitive prices, as well as other two wheel gear. Viral Brand is not just for motocross, but for any person that rides an two wheeled vehicle and takes on the thrill of two wheel adventures.

Viral Brand LLC